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Winners III Edition of the "The Eagle of Gniezno For Enterprise 2003-2005"


Craft category

1st place - Butchery and Cold Meats Production Leszek Michalak
ul. Orzeszkowej 17
62-250 Czerniejewo
tel. (61) 427-31-96
fax (61) 427-31-96
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High quality of goods and price adapted to quality and competition on the market characterize meats manufacturer from Czerniejew. The company has been on the market since 1991 and its products go to customers in the area of districts: Gniezno, Września and Poznań. Mr. Michalak's company meets all requirements of European Union what is confirmed by certificates and quality logos.

2nd place – Auto-Szałek Serwis Jerzy Szałek Company
ul. Cechowa 7
Osiniec os. Przylesie 25
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 425-70-07
tel. (61) 426-38-43
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Double-work station workshop of 40m2 area. - in this way, 24 years ago the owner of the company - Mr. Jerzy Szałek started his business. Today, apart from casual car repairs he runs vehicle diagnosis and control. The company trained 35 students and several years ago it was awarded by golden badge of training master. The significant activity of Auto-Szałek-Serwis's company is supporting local sportsmen and running hall football 5-member team.

3rd place - Company: Confectioner Company - Andrzej Kostenski
ul. Mieszka I 5
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 426-31-32

Company with traditions that was set up in 1945. Stylish-kept confectioner shop by the Konstenskis family, localized at Mieszka I Street in Gniezno. The company for many years has been training students to be confectioners. The company's owner in 2003 was awarded with guild certificate and since 2000 it has had HACCP certificate.

Agriculture category

1st place - Farm - Władysław Pietrzak
Zdziechowa 31a
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 427-16-83

Władysław Pietrzak's farm is localized in Zdziechów. Set up 25 years ago. The main range of it activity is a production of high quality milk and slaughter animals breeding. The farm owner regularly takes care for its development due to increasing the area, building on farm buildings and purchasing specialist machines and tractors.

2nd place - Gardening Company - Andrzej Kozanecki
ul. Polna 4
62-220 Niechanowo
tel. (61) 427-25-67

For 23 years the company deals with planting cut flowers and vegetables. Under special consideration there should be taken tomatoes plantation where the owner in a novel way elaborated the way of tomatoes' fertilizing by bumblebees. Another interesting solution there is a biological pest fighting.

Trade category

1st place - HIFI Exclusive Aleksy, Damian, Krzysztof Siudzińscy SPJ
ul. Łubieńskiego 11
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 426-48-67
fax (61) 428-25-50
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This is a family company of Aleksy, Damian and Krzysztof Siudziński. For 13 years they have been dealing with retail of RTV equipment, cellular phones in the area of the whole country. HIFI Exlusive is an exclusive representative of CYFRA PLUS and POLSAT in the area of the whole district. Since 2004 the company sells RTV equipment via internet. A novelty is an offer of computer equipment and presentation of high resolution TV - HTV in the saloon. For the whole, rich offer the company gained adequate certificates and quality logos.

2nd place - Company: Słomowicz PHU
ul. Mickiewicza 5
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 428-29-90
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Beginnings of the company are set in 1988. An essential subject of its activity is furniture sale, sale of electrical articles, metal articles and household articles. Products available in Słomowicz Company are characterized by a low price when they still keep a good quality. After building on shop pavilions at the Mickiewicz Street in Gniezno, the company gained a new image.

3rd place - Multi-branch Company HAWA Jan Walczak
ul. Grunwaldzka 4
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 424-50-99
fax. (61) 424-51-00
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The main activity of HAWA company is trade, either, wholesale and retail sale of heating oils ekoterm plus, LPG Gas and engine oils as well as copying machines sale and servicing them. In heating season 2004/2005 the company was awarded with third place among authorized distributors of heating oil ekoterm plus in Great Poland. Advertising slogan "With HAWA to Europe" is confirmed by certified petrol trade practice.

Services for Inhabitants category

1st place - Company: Auto - Sank Jankowo Dolne
Jankowo Dolne 48
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 426-76-06
fax (61) 427-12-56
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The company is on the market since 1990, in the range of care sale and mediation. After modernizing and building on new objects in Janków Dolny, there are made services in scope of sheet treatment, car repair and vanishing as well. Additionally, the company runs an authorized point of DAEWOO passenger car servicing. Auto-Sanok is also authorized dealer of RENAULT cars. "Come in an old one, go out in a new one" - that is an advertising slogan of the company.

2nd place - Company: SOLTUR Travel Agency
ul. Chrobrego 39
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 426-13-00
fax (61) 426-13-26
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

A trip to sunny countries, in the North of Europe, through ocean or in a country - these dreams of district inhabitants for 17 years are executed by SOLTUR travel agency. The agency is one of the most popular operators and travel agents. The base of the company's activity is reliable and nice service, adjusting an offer to customers' needs and cooperating with reliable partners only, which provide high quality and services' standard. Since April this year SOLTUR's services are available in department in "Galeria Gniezno".

3rd place - Pharmacy at Łubieńskiego Street
ul. Łubieńskiego 1
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 424-40-55

The characteristic feature of this pharmacy is its working time - every day, 365 days a year from 8.00 to 22.00. Moreover, the pharmacy implemented free of charge medicines transport to a customer's home and competitive medicine prices and cosmetic articles, caring ones and herbals as well. Despite 1,5 year existence, due to fluent promotion - advertising campaign, the pharmacy is well-known to many Gniezno and its surrounding inhabitants.

Investment services category

1st place - Building-Production-Trade Company Henbud
ul. Wojtkowiaka 16
62-270 Kłecko
tel. (61) 427-03-95
fax (61) 427-00-19
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The company has been on the market since 30 years. It works in building industry. Due to experienced and reliable personnel and its own machine park, Henbud executes whole building cycles - independently on investment's size. The company socializes in sports-performance constructions and school objects.

2nd place - Company: PCV and Aluminum Windows and Doors Wiśniewski Company
ul. Wrzesińska 43
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 425-55-44
fax (61) 425-70-44
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The company of 6-year tradition, specializing in production and an assembly of PCV and aluminum windows and doors. An essential company's activity is production of windows of the best quality. The company specialized in providing services for companies mainly.

3rd place - Company: Inter- Lers Ltd..
ul. Czarnieckiego 8
62-270 Kłecko
tel. (61) 427-04-23
fax (61) 427-04-23
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The company deals with designing, production and assembly of wooden constructions in the area of the whole country. Headquarters in Kłecko. The company was set up in 2003. Inter-Lers is an authorized truss producer. The company's offer includes: roof constructions for agricultural buildings: Hen houses, cowsheds, stables, riding-schools, halls, storages, shelters. The company makes constructions also for housing buildings.

Production category

1st place – Company: "Marszał" Tadeusz Marszał
Wydartowo 13
62-238 Wydartowo
tel. (61) 415-40-57
fax (61) 415-68-53
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company specializes in metal branch - safes production, metal pallets, server boxes and it provides services of laser cutting, plasma burning and powder vanishing. The company has got adequate machine park ensuring the whole process of production. The company cooperates with partners from Poland, Germany, and France. It is localized in Wydartów in the area of Trzemeszno Commune.

2nd place - Company: Petroestry Ltd.
BGW Multi-branch Trade Company Ltd. individual investors.

Malczewo 14
62-242 Jarząbkowo
tel. (61) 427-21-31
fax (61) 427-21-32
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company of 3-year tradition, localized in Malczewo, Niechanowo Commune The subject of the company's activity is rape contracting and buying, production of rape oil and rape mill cake and bio-components production as well. From the very beginning, the company cares for technological development and keeping adequate quality of manufactured by it goods, certified by ISO 9001 and HACCAP.

Special category

Agency of Regional Commercial Development Ltd..
ul. Rynek 10/1
62-200 Gniezno
tel. (61) 426-45-34
fax (61) 426-45-34
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Gniezno Agency of Regional Commercial Development with its range covers the area of the whole district. It was set up in 2002 due to common efforts of local governments - district, Gniezno City and eight communes of the district area. Some of actions (for instance Consultations Point) provide free of charge advisory services for companies from the whole Poland. In the area of the Great Poland province ARCD Ltd. executes Agripol II project (ordered by Cooperation Fund). ARCD Ltd. on the grounds of experiences and needs' analyses by small and medium entrepreneurs and people willing to start their commercial activities designed and prepared a wide range of services in scope of the following Agency's units:
  • District Fund of Credit Guarantee,
  • Consultations Point for MSP,
  • Job Offers Center;
  • District Office of European Information
  • Trainings;
Ponadto na zlecenie innych jednostek GARG Sp. z o.o. prowadzi:
  • Non-local Information Point ZPORR;
  • Information point of Great Poland Agency of Entrepreneurship Agency;
  • Certified point of Fund of Great Poland Province Development and Promotion
  • Micro Fund information point
What's more, the Agency executes services for self-government members due to execution ordered for the Agency tasks and feasibility reports creation, making local plans and development programs and development strategies JST as well. Gniezno Agency of Commercial Development Ltd. due to its status doesn't work for profit, some of its services are executed free of charge (Job Offers Center, Consultations Point, District Center of European Information, information meetings, trainings). Expert services are paid but there is a rule of keeping the payment level on an attractive for a customer level. The target is to give a chance of using it by micro and small companies which, for trainings and advising designate relatively small means.

Winners VII Edition of the "The Eagle
of Gniezno For Enterprise 2011-2013"
Alfatex sp. z o. o.
Arcum Gabinet Fizjoterapii mgr Norbert Synoracki
Bovelli Bedding sp. z o. o.
Cfactory sp. z o. o. (Językowa Szkoła Podstawowa Prymus)
FGP Polska sp. z o. o.
Good Investment Anna Kozłowska (Dobry Browar)
Handel i usługi Katarzyna Bruch (Manufaktura tortów i ciast)
Liderpool Konrad Plucner
Modro sp. z o. o.
Projektowanie Nadzory Wykonawstwo w Branży Elektrycznej Maciej Galantowicz
Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowe „Patom” (Gościniec nad dwoma stawami, Pizzeria na Kawiarach)
Przedsiębiorstwo Handlowo-Usługowo-Produkcyjne „Arwibud” Artur Czyż
Przedsiębiorstwo Inżynierii Sanitarnej PIS sp. z o. o.
Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe „Buno” s. c. Paweł Burzyński, Piotr Nowak
Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Handlowo-Usługowe Forplast Agnieszka Śmigowska, Marek Walaszczyk s. c.
P. P. H. U. Klimat Danuta Orlikowska
Przedsiębiorstwo Robót Budowlanych Adrian Dopierała
Sklepy Spożywcze Krzysztof Kula sp. j. (Jagoda Sam)
Smuszkiewicz s. c. Hanna Smuszkiewicz Sławomir Smuszkiewicz
Spółdzielnia Dozór w Gnieźnie
Stomatologia Estetyczna Cezary Fryca
StyLOVE włosy Katarzyna Bełdzikowska
Tanken Ł. A. Wejerowscy sp. j.
Teccon sp. z o. o. sp. k.
Zakład Elektryczny, Elektroinstalacje Tomasz Basiński, Piotr Szyszko – Elektroin
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